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Saturday 20 November 2010, by B E Gottlieb

iMine inforMation service

Can we create a digital Utopia based on hardware made under unfair conditions?

So this is a phone app about phones.

One of the basic principles of iMine is the “persistence of hardware”. All the ‘magic’ that todays technology offer, ubiquitous computing and networked communities, depends on the reliability of hardware and physical power and communications infrastructure. This means that though the experience of electronically-augmented daily life has changed significantly over the past few decades, the physical conditions which support these new realms of experience has not. Hardware still has to be made, under precise often difficult conditions. And hardware is made from materials which all started out, at one point, in the earth. The closer we get to the origin of the materials of digital technology, the more difficult the conditions often are.

iMining Resource List

Conflict Minerals Activism/Journalism

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Tantalum (Coltan), Tin (Cassiterite), Tungsten, Gold

Electronics and their ingredients


Electricity in Africa

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