How to iMine

Monday 22 November 2010, by B E Gottlieb

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How to play iMine, the game

1.log in

2. start mining! thrust the phone (don’t drop it) as if you are digging minerals
a. If you successfully dig some minerals you will get haptic and audio feedback.
b.the soldier will come and pay you once in a while.
c. if your miner is getting tired, you can increase the miner’s wage, but be careful,if you make his cost too high, the cost of cell phones will go up, demand will go down and the soldier will get nervous.
d. keep mining, try to stay alive and save as much as you can. Once you start to play, you cannot stop, there is no pause button. If you want to give up on your miner he will die.

Good luck. Thank you from all electronics consumers, we will remember you.

How to win

There is no way to win. The best you can do is try to stay alive as long as possible and save a little money for your family. Keep the price of the IPhone around $400 and everything should be alright. Keep your efficiency around 1, you may be around for a while. You are paid every game-day. iMine is networked, so if everybody digs efficiently, everybody’s chances will be better.

There is no simple solution for improving the condition of the miners mining the minerals for digital technology. We need to get to know and integrate a counsciousness of the true conditions of the origins of the materials with which we promise to build a better future

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